Payment Policy

Accepted Payment Methods at Charlottemode by BEST BRANDS LTD At Charlottemode by BEST BRANDS LTD, we offer a variety of secure and convenient payment options to ensure a seamless shopping experience for our valued customers. Choose the payment method that suits you best:

Credit Cards

  • Visa: Pay with your Visa credit card for a widely recognized and trusted payment option.
  • Mastercard: Use your Mastercard for reliable and straightforward transactions.
  • American Express: We accept American Express cards, providing flexibility for your purchases.
  • Discover: Discover cardholders can shop confidently, knowing their preferred payment method is accepted.
  • Diners Club: Diners Club members can enjoy hassle-free shopping with their accepted payment cards.
  • ELO

Online Payment

  • PayPal: For added convenience and security, we offer PayPal payments, ensuring a safe and user-friendly transaction process.

At Charlottemode, we prioritize your comfort and security in every aspect of your shopping journey. Feel free to select the payment option that aligns with your preferences, ensuring a compliant and enjoyable shopping experience.