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Harper Linen Top

Harper Linen Top

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Where Artistry Meets Casual Comfort!

The Harper Linen Top redefines your casual look with its unique artistic print and asymmetrical hem. Crafted for the contemporary woman, this V-neck, long-sleeved tee blends creative design with everyday comfort.

Why do you need the Harper Linnen Top?

Unique Artistic Flair: Stand out with the top's distinctive artistic print, for adding a touch of creativity to your wardrobe.

Irregular Hemline: The asymmetrical hem adds a modern twist to the top, offering a chic and stylish edge to your casual attire.

Relaxed and Breezy Fit: Designed with a loose silhouette, this top ensures a breathable fit for all-day ease and comfort.

Infuse your daily attire with the Harper Linen Top, a garment that captures the essence of summer's ease with a stroke of artistic charm. Tap into comfort without sacrificing style. Shop now and refresh your look with an imaginative twist!


XS 90 49 68
S 95 50 69
M 100 51 70
L 105 52 71
XL 110 53 72
2XL 116 54 73
3XL 122 55 74

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